Children in need


The first project started in Nepal by GRT "Development of activities for street children in Nepal, by strenghtening the organisations CBR in Bhaktapur in connection with CWIN in Kathmandu" has been implemented from 1995 to 1998 thanks to the contribution of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and it had as its main priority problems related to disability and children marginalisation.

CWIN is the most recognised NGO that has been fighting for children's rights since its foundation: workers children, street children, abused children or traffic victims ones.  GRT has been working in particular with street children and workers ones and has contributed to the opening of a shelter in Pokhara where children could always find a meal, a shower and a warm place to sleep as well as experts that could help them to identify new possibilities. 

GRT with his staff of experts has been working together with the Nepalese team in order to help children and communities. 

The second project GRT has been involved in was "Intervention for children's rights at a national level and in support to the activities for workers children and street ones in Pokhara, Nepal" and it has been implemented from 2001 to 2005 with the CWIN in Pokhara. 

Unlike the previous one, this project has been implemented in a difficult political moment for the country, crossed by an internal insurgency and subject to new problems and challenges, such as children fleeing from villages in order to get involved in war and battle. In such a situation the shelter has become extremely important, not only in emergency situations but also as a stable point of support, during days and nights when life in the street become even more dangerous. 

GRT has been supporting CWIN with children throughout the whole period and has created a network with the different associations that work with street children both in Pokhara and Kathmandu, in order to optimize existing resources and offer new ones according to children's needs. 

From 2004 onwards, GRT with the contribution of the Province of Venice in 2005 and the Banca Popolare di Milano in 2006 as well as with private funds, supported CPCS (first called Chandrodaya), a local NGO that works with street children and has the capacity to accomodate a larger number of minors. During the spring of 2006, the period of more intense warfare in the city, CPCS and CWIN have been the main refuge for children considering their deep knowledge of street life and its problems. GRT has been there with economic support and with its Project Coordinator, who has maintaned the connection between the different interventions and paid attention to the different resources. 

Another project that has been implemented by GRT and funded by MAE and the Waldensian Evangelical Church was the Helpline. During this project an hotline has been created in order for children to have someone to call when they needed help. As well as this, GRT has paid school fees, trained teachers and  established a coordination between the different school participating to the project. 



The main beneficiaries of the projects GRT have been implementing in Nepal have been street children and workers ones, as well as their communities. 



The help provided to street children, the possibility for them to have a place where they could stay and people to get in touch with if they needed  help have been the most important results GRT has achieved in Nepal. 

As well as this, the collaboration with local NGOs has been extremely important, especially when the country internal warfare was at its peak, between 2001 and 2005. 


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Child Protection


The street represents the only educational path for many children and at the same time it represents a broad and fascinating place even though often scary and terrible.  

This is the reality of the street children in Nepal, Romania, Nicaragua, Somalia but also of some big European cities with their non accompanied minors. 

In these contexts GRT's objective is to defend children's rights and wishes in the first place and then propose a rehabilitation. 


In Nepal GRT has been dealing mostly with ethnic minorities and child protection by working closely with local partners. At the same time, after having carefully examined the needs of the country, GRT has also worked with topics such as violence against women and traffic of human beings, especially women and children. The work has mostly been focused on the causes that bring people to be victims, like extreme poverty, family breakdown, domestic violence or gender discrimination. 

GRT has then supported Nepal during the earthquake of 2015 as well as helping the country with the project HelpLine, to defend and promote children's rights in different contexts such as family, school and community.