Slum Drummers

Since 2012 GRT promotes the rehabilitation and social inclusion of vulnerable children and the empowerment of their families in the slums of Waithaka, Dagoretti, Mlango Kubwa and Mathare. This project started by GRT and funded by Alta Mane Foundation aimed at improving the living conditions of vulnerable children as well as enhancing the empowerment and capacity building of Slum Drummers CBO, a street-born music band. 



The main objective of this programme is to improve the basic services for street boys and girls and make them more accessible by strenghtened the referral system as well as promoting trainings and awareness raising activities among Child Protection stakeholders and street children on how to face and deal with street life challenges.

Description of Activities:


The project seeks to promote the social inclusion of vulnerable children through artistic expression, using music as an entry point. To this end, Slum Drummers CBO have shifted from the role of beneficiaries to the implementing partners one as they became self-sustainable and played a positive role model for the slum/street children. 

GRT and Slum Drummers have been visiting the street children bases every week and carried out activities in order to enable vulnerable children to open up and be linked with rehabilitation centres. The final aim of the action was the reintegration of the children into a functional and empowered family so that they could pursue education. GRT also followed up on the children's families and worked with them in order to ensure the continuity of children's education and to identify potential activities to increase the families' economic empowerment. 



The direct beneficiaries of this project are 180 street or vulnerable children, boys and girls. Among these, 30 children have benefited from comprehensive care and psychosocial support, 80 children have been attending workshops by Slum Drummers on recreational activities, 20 children have been trained in drumming and crafting of small percussions and 50 children received peer-to-peer counselling. 

As well as this, around 2000 people have been sensitized on the rights of children, street children phenomena, child abuse and community protection mechanisms. 



Remarkable results have been achieved while working with street children: Slum Drummers have played an incredible role as peer-to-peer agents and have managed to involve more street children in their activities. GRT has strenghtened the collaboration with Goverment institutions (e.g District Children Officers) and the network with other Child Protection stakeholders and has managed to respond to the different needs of children in a sustainable way and at minimum cost. 

Moreover, a participatory approach has been implemented in order to involve parents and guardians in the rehabilitation process of their children and families have been actively engaged in their children's wellbeing. 



Child Protection


The street represents the only educational path for many children and at the same time it represents a broad and fascinating place even though often scary and terrible.  

This is the reality of the street children in Nepal, Romania, Nicaragua, Somalia but also of some big European cities with their non accompanied minors. 

In these contexts GRT's objective is to defend children's rights and wishes in the first place and then propose a rehabilitation. 



One of the problems Kenya has been facing for years concerns street children: children who live in unimaginable conditions, who often have ran away from their families and relatives after being beaten or after a family breakdown and find themselves living in the street with other children, having to deal with constant hunger and begging to survive. 

Since 2012 GRT has decided to work with these street children, try to empower them and give them a better future as well as promoting their rehabilitation and social inclusion.

Slum Drummers and Boresha Maisha, the two main projects carried out with children in Nairobi, have both worked in this direction and achieved remarkable results.