Child Protection


The street represents the only educational path for many children and at the same time it represents a broad and fascinating place even though often scary and terrible.  

This is the reality of the street children in Nepal, Romania, Nicaragua, Somalia but also of some big European cities with their non accompanied minors. 

In these contexts GRT's objective is to defend children's rights and wishes in the first place and then propose a rehabilitation. 



One of the problems Kenya has been facing for years concerns street children: children who live in unimaginable conditions, who often have ran away from their families and relatives after being beaten or after a family breakdown and find themselves living in the street with other children, having to deal with constant hunger and begging to survive. 

Since 2012 GRT has decided to work with these street children, try to empower them and give them a better future as well as promoting their rehabilitation and social inclusion.

Slum Drummers and Boresha Maisha, the two main projects carried out with children in Nairobi, have both worked in this direction and achieved remarkable results.