Let's celebrate the first Mental Health Week in Hargeisa!

As part of the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of GRT, in occasion of the International Mental Health Day,


We are proud to launch the First MENTAL HEALTH WEEK in Hargeisa- Somaliland!


Persons with mental disorders face protection and human rights violations in the Somali context. These issues range from lack of education, medical care, shelter and even security. The incidence of mental illness has increased and this has been attributed to loss, violence, famine, droughts and increased use of Qat.  Traditionally, Mental Health has been a stigmatized condition with the persons with mental disorders being discriminated against and socially isolated. This demonstrates a practiced culture of maximum containment and hostility, with chaining of mental ill people.

The prevalence of mental disorders in Somaliland is thought to be the highest in the world in low-income countries.

The MENTAL HEALTH WEEK aim is to publicly reflect on the living conditions of persons living with mental health problems, to campaign against stigmatization, a week to remember that a week is not enough!


At GRT we take action every day for the rights of persons with mental health problems!


Join us!