The therapeutic potential of shamanism

WESTERN WOUNDS: The therapeutic potential of shamanism in the contemporary world.

With Ana Maria Llamazares, Argentinian anthropologist and epistemologist specialized in the study of shamanism and evolution of consciousness. Author of the book "Del reloj a la flor de loto. Crisis contemporanea y cambio de paradigmas" and of the article "Occidente Herido. El potencial sanador del chamanismo en el mundo contemporaneo". 

During the current crisis of paradigms and values, to approach the shamanic cosmovision is also an invitation to change our gaze. Shamanism managed to endure from paleolithic until nowadays in what we called neoshamanism, a clear field of convergence between ancestral indigenous knowledge and Western contemporary research. From this perspective a consideration will be proposed on the epistemological and spiritual roots of the Western "wounds" and their possibilities of care. Shamanic healing is emphasized as an integral and sinesthetic phenomenon by reviewing Claude Levi- Strauss traditional concept of symbolic efficacy in light of the concepts of the new holistic science. The parallelisms between shamanic initiation and the process of identification according to the Jungian's vision will be examined by evoking two classical mythological archetypes - Dyonisus and Chiron - which embody the initiatic principle of their own shaminic destiny and remind us that this cosmovision has its roots in the Western tradition.