GRT has taken over the Cecchini Pace Foundation!


GRT has taken over the Cecchini Pace Foundation and its activities together with the Transcultural Institute for Health. 


The main activities of the Institute are:


Specialisation Course in Transcultural Psychotherapy. This course has been recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research with administrative order of 9th July 2001. This specialisation course is the first in Italy for this topic and it provides students with a wide range of knowledge and skills in different fields such as anthropology, neuroscience, psychotherapy and geophilosophy as well as knowledge on psychic disorder, mental health and their treatment. 


Transcultural Clinical Centre. Specific from this centre is the transcultural approach that is based on the centrality of the relationship between mental health and culture and has shown its efficacy over the course of the years with Italian people as well as with foreigners. Our multiethnic society has rapidly plunged us into a variety of social and psychic differences which require us to quickly adapt to the change. Among the activities that the Centre implements we find transcultural psychotherapy, which aims at enhancing the individual resources of each person, psychiatric counselling, a different approach to cultural medicine and oncology which includes an examination from a team formed by an oncologist, a psychoterapist and a yoga teacher in order to make the patients aware of the important interaction between body and mind and its meaning and homeopathy.


Hatha Yoga for Health. For individual and small groups paths. The practice of this Yoga helps people to awake their energy and it represents a great way to promote health and recovery.